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B2B SaaS Product Onboarding Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Most people stop using a product NOT because it isn’t useful or doesn’t have the capability to solve their problems. They stop because it takes a lot of effort for them to get used to it.

So, the answer to what is the best onboarding practice isn’t always so straightforward.

No matter how good a product you’ve made, if it takes ages to get used to it, it will not work for the customer & you will fail your mission.

In the presentation below we cover 10+ of the most common onboarding mistakes with B2B SaaS products that we’ve witnessed from our 60 reviews.

Uncover your B2B SaaS product onboarding killers.

We’ll record a 15-20 minute video showing you how to convert more visitors into free trial users and happy customers.

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